Measuring Vibration

How do you grow your karma or in other words how do you live, so each day is fulfilled and makes you happy?

Art of Life is used to increase self-efficacy levels and confidence in order to measure an object and feelings for successful life. It is about measuring experience that creates positive and peaceful feeling of joy: “That things are going right direction” or “We are on the right path”. It is important to create sort of alchemy, where each breath is being transmuted into feelings and words like “music of the spheres”.

Ask yourself a question what is your optimal life? How would you imagine yourself in two years from right now? What would be the location? What job would you pursue? Who would be around you? How much free time would you have and how much responsibility?

Book of Life would be growing as global warming solution increasing conscience and one would be growing with it as a trainee. Everything tied with right skills to pass a message and care for Mother Earth. As it is right now it would become sort of flag project from SENStation to global warming issues. It would be quite easy to have five minutes conversation sharing Ramp.Cards, providing benefits and waking-up with higher levels of conscience.

In case of big achievements it is a dream. Here I would try to figure out what I am able to achieve, what is my capacity to be and what I could provide my friends and family with. I would let go all sorts of fears that keeps my kite below an average. It does not have to be related to large sums of money, but it might be related to possession. Here I think about villas and islands. Let’s assume I would like to own an island like Richard Branson and invite there a lot of friends in order to celebrate a success with them. I would like to thrive meaning enjoy life. Ask myself how I used to be always? What makes my heart resonate?

Usually things that pass to be an object leading to success are covered with special vibration. It is like play on the violin you have to find harmony between various pieces of music in order to make whole art resonate. The same in pursuing various projects. They should all stick around and accumulate variations for healthier and more successful life. As one might notice success is the keyword here and enjoyment follows in the form of breath alchemy. “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. (Stepping into freedom: Rules of Monastic Practice for Novices, Thich Nhat Hanh)

How do I measure each step? At the end feelings are alright or transmuting breathing is rewarding experience on its own, but I would like to also observe changes in physical environment. In order to tap into physical world I have to recognise its elements and estimate value of possession either if it is each sachet of tea or coffee that I am giving out or guitar.

Life of richness is guided by few principles such as:

1) mental purity, is achieved through clean environment, where each element finds its specific purpose and is recognised by its owner e.g. buying a drone might be an exciting part of life, but used box and used drone stays only as unwanted product. Karate classes might serve your fitness level, but you might waste time if you do not train consciously. It is better to have 40 minutes conscious training than 2 hours of unprecedented waste. Imagine flying every second day with Emirates or Qatar Airways. That would make your life quite rich comparing to rest of society. Imagine to type these notes on MacBook Pro that gives you quite rich feeling in the shop, but in the room due to messy surroundings might not be recognised as such by your unconscious mind. In fact one instead of waking up with the feeling of richness, one wakes up with the feeling of waste according to the golden mean rule.

2) action driven, you know what to do and just do it, even if that comes to cleaning socks, one just do it each day. In other words one chooses to lead heavy mental day than get chosen by overuse and neglect. Fifty percent of the things you do comes to segregation and cleaning. You become universal salesman trying to order and sell what is possible through right design and shelves. Clean environment with no things that can distract you is preferred.

3) causiness, feeling of safety and passion

How I would like to leave this planet? If today would be my last day? Jesus, Siddhartha, Mahomet have left this planet with disciples and stories. As an average human being I could built upon such great lives and add a bit of my work. It can begin from a) treating people in right way (right speech), b) treating people with belief (right vision), be fountain of wisdom and abundance (right approach), be consultant and coach, coder and designer(right craft).